i code

everyday for the web, desktop, embedded systems, cell phones

i build

solar panels, renewable energy systems, water collection systems, entire communities from scratch

i've been coding

since 2001, in PHP, SQL, *ML, CSS, Java SE, Java ME, C, C++, Tcl/Tk, bash, ruby, lisp

i've been using

free software like Apache, Linux, MySQL, Yii, Drupal, Rails, Joomla, Inkscape, GIMP

i've been studying

everyday since 1990. BSc+MSc in Electrical and Computers Engineering. also a philosopher bagpiper.

i'm available

for challenging projects. 50€/hour for businesses (minimum 10 hours), 25€/hour tutoring for students, free tech consulting for non-profits.

you can reach me at

00351 962767236 or joao@hipercubo.net

chances are if you are reading this, you've seen my work.